The University of Arizona

Workshop Details

  • UAccess Student -- End-User
    • -- Student Center


The videos on this page will orient you to the Student Center, including using the Schedule of Classes and the Shopping Cart. You will also see how to register for classes. As additional features of the Student Center are added, we will add additional videos covering those features.

If you have a question about using the Student Center after reviewing these videos, contact the 24/7 IT Support Center for assistance.

Introduction and Editing Personal Information

Searching the Schedule of Classes
Using Your Shopping Cart
Enrolling for Classes
Adding, Dropping, and Swapping Classes
Enrolling for a Class with Variable Units

Accessing Your Academic Advisement Report

Setting Your Privacy Preferences
Granting Guest Access


  • Navigate the Student Center
  • Search the Schedule of Classes
  • Add Classes to the Shopping Cart
  • Enroll for Classes
  • Swap and Drop Classes
  • Use the Planner to Plan Your College Career
  • Set Privacy Preferences