The University of Arizona

The Departure of David Garcia

From Melanie Cooley:

It seems to be the week of departures.

David Garcia is also leaving us. He will be working with Meher Group as an independent consultant specializing in end-user training for Kuali implementations. His first assignment is Hawaii. Rumor has it that he doesn't mind if people crash with him during any vacations they might take during the next year.

David has been with us since October of 2008, and his last day will be Friday, January 13, 2012.  He's been crucial to many of our projects—and to the UAccess Financials implementation in particular. He helped in the design and delivery of the SuperUser program, single-handedly training 50 of our SuperUsers and acting as a key resource for them during the go-live. We will miss him.
Feel free to stop by the Workshop and Training Team area in the northwest corner of 337 to give David your regards and commiserate with the rest of us.