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UA NetID Password Reset Best Practices



Your email password (UAConnect) is the same as your UA NetID password. As such, the UAConnect password is subject to the same expiration date as your UA NetID password. 

Please click here to update your NetID password.  Follow the suggestions provided.  Return to this page after you have changed your password for information on updating your password on all your devices.

After Changing Your UA NetID Password

After changing your NetID password, you will need to update that password in all applications and on all devices where it is stored. Usually, this includes the following applications and locations:

  1. UAWiFi (on computers and all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets)
  2. Email applications (e.g., Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Macs, Mac Mail)
  3. Calendar applications (may require separate password update on mobile devices)
  4. Lync/Skype for Business instant messaging application

Forgetting to change to the new password on just one of these programs could lead to an account lockout as an application tries to connect. 

After a NetID password change, the system monitors the NetID account to see whether there are any attempts made to connect with an incorrect password. The morning after the password change, you will receive an email notification with information about those attempts to help you and your IT support staff determine where your password still needs to be changed.

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NetID Password Change Grace Period

UITS provides a two-day grace period to give NetID holders additional time to update all of their devices.  Please be sure to update your password on all devices before the two-day grace period expires.

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Password Update Locations