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Grouper - Group Information Management


Grouper is the core element of a common infrastructure for managing group information across integrated applications and repositories. Grouper combines multiple sources of group information, both automated and manual, in managing memberships and other group information in a groups registry--a central information asset which complements UA's person registry. Both of these information repositories are reflected in UITS' Enterprise Directory Service (EDS). Grouper provides campus IT staff with the ability to create their own ad-hoc (e.g.,departmental/workgroup/project-based/etc.) groups. The Grouper management utility provides a simple, yet highly functional, interface that allows IT staff to: 

  • create stems and groups 
  • query EDS for people, who can be added to groups via a drag-and-drop interface 
  • create composite groups (groups can be added as members to other groups) 
  • upload members to a group 'in bulk' via CSV files

How to Create Stems and Groups in Grouper

Visit the Grouper web pages for more information.

Escalation Contact 

Gary Windham
Phone: (520) 626-5981