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Printing at OSCR

The University of Arizona is providing a new campus print system. This new printing system is called WEPA (pronounced 'Wee-Pah'). WEPA provides all students, faculty and staff with the ability to upload/send their documents from any location (e.g., personal computers, rooms, labs) and conveniently print those documents at any WEPA Printing Kiosk on-campus. Of the nine WEPA kiosks located throughout campus five (5) of the are located in the Office of Student Computing (OSCR) labs. Users can also print documents directly from their USB at any WEPA kiosk. You can release your sent documents by swiping your CatCa$h card at each printing kiosk.

WEPA offers more convenient and affordable print solutions such as:

  • convenience of 24/7 printing on campus
  • choice of monochrome or vibrant Hi-definition Color
  • high quality laser paper
  • print from USB jump drives or from personal computers (home or laptop)
  • print without the use of cash using CatCa$h or debit/credit card (kiosks do not accept cash)
  • add funds and monitor your print funds from any computer by logging into your CatCa$h account
  • save money compared to off campus print shops:
    • print Black and White at 10¢ per side
    • print Black and White at 15¢ duplex
    • print Color at $1 per side
    • print Color at $1.50 duplex

Upload and Print any document to the WĒPA:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Word documents
  • Text files
  • Mac files
  • PDF files
  • Images Files (USB jump-drive only)
  • Print double-sided pages
Go to UA CatCa$h site to download the WEPA print drivers to your machine to make WEPA a printer option when you send a file to print from your home computer.
To learn more read the Lo Que Pasa article, UITS News article, or visit our FAQs.

The Office of Student Computing Resources, Self-Service Pay-for-Print service is still available as a printing option.

Kiosk Locations

  • Student Union outside Fast Copy
  • Park Student Union
  • McClelland Hall Sand's Lab
  • Student Rec Center (OSCR Lab)
  • McClelland Park 102 (OSCR Lab)
  • Engineering 318 (OSCR Lab)
  • Electrical and Engineering Lab 229 (OSCR Lab)
  • Multimedia Learning Lab in Music 137 (OSCR Lab)